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Hunter is our Recreation and Learn to Dive coach.  He has level  NCCP Instruction - Beginner.  Hunter also is a certified lifeguard.

Erin has over 25 years of experience in high performance sport, coaching and fitness.  She

competed at 2 Olympic Games, 1996 Atlanta & 2000 Sydney, and became a 12 time National Champion and winner of 21 international medals.  She is the 1998 Common Wealth and 1999 Pan American Games Champion as well as the 1998 Aquatic Federation of Canada Female Athlete of the Year.  

Erin is a level II NCCP Diving Coach. 

He is a certified Lifeguard and is attending Tru in the Adventure Guide Diploma Program

technical advisor/coach​

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Tyra is a certified Learn to Dive coach for the Riptech Dive Club  and has been coaching for 2 years.

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events including Junior World Championships.  He also coached our Canadian team at the World Student Games. Neil is excited to work with Riptech's Junior talent and achieve the best results for our divers.

Kelsey is certified Instruction Beginner and Competition Introduction.  She has been diving since 1998 and started coaching in 2005.  Kelsey coaches our Pre-competitive group and is presently attending TRU taking Bachelor of Tourism Management.

Kelsey gwynne

Chris has been with Riptech Diving since 2017 as a junior coach and has embraced coaching to train our your divers the mechanics to move on to the next level.  

assistant coaches

head coach

Madi has been with Riptech diving since 2016 as a diver and now as a junior coach.  She has been training our Learn to Dive divers to be the best they can!

madi storie

Neil has  enjoyed over 25 years as a coach and athlete of diving.  He is level III NCCP Certified and a 15 time National Champion, representing Canada at several

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Tyra Turley

hunter galbraith

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